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Shared dreams

I’d like to entertain possibility that Sookie and Eric having shared dreams (and by shared dreams I mean they are both unknowingly having the same dream).   It wasn’t until this past episode (Ep 10: “I Smell a Rat”) that … Continue reading

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I smell a rat…

…and his name is Bill Compton. Oh Beehl, how lies have filled your legend.   How your “love” has been built upon deceit.   You’re the ultimate con man; deceiving an entire town, powerful vampires and the woman you supposedly love.   All for what – … Continue reading

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Everything is Broken

“Everything is Broken” airs tonight.   After seeing a clip of Beehl and Sookie cleaning up the dead Were bodies out of her living room, I can’t help but think that we are in for another gag-fest. Depite the fact that … Continue reading

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Beyond the Surface

Sorry we have been MIA these past few weeks – I guess you could say D and I were feeling rather uninspired as of late.   However, we are going to make a point to post more often.    -T Without further … Continue reading

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