I smell a rat…

…and his name is Bill Compton.

Oh Beehl, how lies have filled your legend.   How your “love” has been built upon deceit.   You’re the ultimate con man; deceiving an entire town, powerful vampires and the woman you supposedly love.   All for what – a greedy Queen?   Your own sick pleasure?

Will you come clean of your own accord?   Or will someone else (Eric), have to force you into admitting your double life?

"Why don't you tell Sookie, THE TRUTH."

If he has any semblance of honor, he will tell Sookie the whole truth.   In our opinion, it is more likely that he will only tell Sookie half the truth (after Eric’s insistence).   Proving that he is dishonest and dishonorable to the very end.

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6 Responses to I smell a rat…

  1. sunnynala says:

    Yup. Can;t wait to find out what he tells Sookie she is . Even that will be a lie, betcha.

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  3. Deja says:

    Bill “Eric Did It” Compton….

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