Shared dreams

I’d like to entertain possibility that Sookie and Eric having shared dreams (and by shared dreams I mean they are both unknowingly having the same dream).   It wasn’t until this past episode (Ep 10: “I Smell a Rat”) that I started to think about it and begin to reflect upon the other dreams  Sookie/Eric dreams that have occurred.

Up until that point, I thought all of her dreams were based on her subconscious mind and his blood.   But now I believe that it is entirely possible that they are connected on a much deeper level then the audience suspects (much deeper and more profound than the blood).

All of Sookie’s dreams occur during the daytime, when Eric is also sleeping.

Dream #1 – We know it is day because she is sleeping in the bed next to Bill.

Dream #2 – Occurs while she is sleeping in the car on the way home from Bon Temps (inthe daytime).

"What are you dreamin' about?"

Eric’s Day(night)dream – While, it doesn’t occur in the day, it still occurs when we know Sookie is sleeping.

"I'm exhausted..."

Dream #3 – Sookie wakes up and goes straight to Fangtasia so it has to be very close to first dark.

Indications that they are shared:

Dream #1 –  Eric saying, “[Sookie] would do anything for the ones [she ] loves.”

Eric is a very perceptive vampire; he knows Sookie has a strong capacity for love (both romantic and filial) andthat she can be a strong woman (when she is not being held back and manipulated by someone *cough*Bill*cough*).

“Your deep, you feel, there’s love in you.”    Sookie is also perceptive, in that she has noticed that while Eric is fierce and intimidating, he is also capable of incredible depth and feeling.  i.e. his feelings for Godric.

"You have a lot of love for him."

“This is the beginning.”

Eric’s desires for her as someone to be with romantically.   He cares for her and believes that if and when they are together, it will be the beginning of something remarkable.

After this first dream, Sookie is shown staring at Eric at the meeting with Nan and Godric.     Eric stares back at her, with great surprise and interest.   As if he too is remember the dreams he had, which for a mere two seconds, overshadow the despair he is feeling because of what is occurring with Godric.

On the roof, Eric gratefully and compassionately accepts Sookie’s offer to be with Godric at the end.   It’s all in their expressions and body language.

Dream #2 –

The roof scene was so powerful that it is only fitting that this dream is shared by the two of them.    The profoundly emotional scenes shared on the roof have evolved into yet another emotional moment of the two of them alone – comforting each other and strengthening their connection.

Their connection evolves in this dream; Sookie telling him that he will be okay and kissing away his tears, giving him her blood and emotional strength.   Eric accepting her care, being passionate with her and giving her the choice (to give him her blood – not forcing her to let him bite her).

There is such trust in this dream: Eric trusting Sookie with showing such emotion and despair (I don’t think anyone, outside of Pam, has seen Eric this vulnerable before), and Sookie trusting Eric (and healing his pain) by offering him her neck.

Eric Day(night)dream –  Alcide’s apartment is exact right down to the crumpled tissues on the bed.    How would Eric know she was crying and would have the remnants of tissues all over the bed, if their dream were not somehow connected?

Dream #3 –

Sookie- “I know this is a dream.”

They are so candid and comfortable with each other  in this dream.  I also don’t think they are aware that they are both having shared dreams.

Eric – “You may as well enjoy it then.”

Classic Eric response…even more reason I think they are shared.

Sookie – “Is your blood ever going to wear off?”

Eric – “You know you have feelings for me.”

Eric, calling her on her crap!    He knows they have an emotional connection and wants her to stop resisting her feelings.

Sookie – “Eww”   (quite unconvincingly I might add).

Eric – *kisses her*  “You know you like it.   And this…and this…”

He is unfazed by her totally fake “ew” – proves to her by being soft and passionate.

“…You know you can’t trust Bill.   That’s not my blood talking; it’s your survival instinct.”

Eric is warning her – again, I might add.     I think this is his subconscious hoping that Sookie heeded his first warning and her subconscious also asking herself if she should really trust Bill.

So what do the shared dreams mean for their future?

I think that when Sookie and Eric are together (for real), it will be intense.   They already have a subconscious connection that has somewhat breached into their conscious lives so I think that once their conscious emotional connection is built upon, it will be that much more powerful.

There’s is an intimate emotional relationship, long before the physical one.  Which is exactly how I want it to be.

Pictures from,, and a couple are from my own personal collection (either I made them or I can’t remember where I got them from).    Let me know if a picture needs to be cited.


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11 Responses to Shared dreams

  1. VikingVixenD says:


    “There’s is an intimate emotional relationship, long before the physical one. Which is exactly how I want it to be.”

    Me too 🙂

  2. tbrantsandraves says:

    Also when they were at Russell’s and Sookie called Eric out something like, “Big hat. No cattle.” Sounds suspiciously like a cowboy which is exactly what Sookie called Eric in his dream.

  3. Beth says:

    Love their dreams… 🙂 Alcide’s guest bedroom, the tissues on the bed, the robe she is wearing, there’s no way to deny that. Eric to Sookie at RE’s: “maybe you dreamt it”.

  4. Freyja says:

    I’m almost positive that the dreams are shared! The way Sookie was talking in Erics fantasy was not how Eric would ever talk or imagine; the cowboy line and ‘bucket with a lid on it’. The tissues were a dead give away. In Russells mansion Eric saying ‘maybe you dreamt it’, Sookie saying ‘you big phony’ (big faker, first dream), ‘all hat no cattle’.
    Sookies last dream about Eric warning her about Bill. The first thing Eric does when Sookie arrives at Fangtasia is to say ‘don’t pretend you care for me, you are here bc of Bill’.
    Maybe they don’t know about the shared dreams but they are meeting subconsciencly, getting to know each other. That is why Eric who has nothing to tie him down, like Sookie has Bill; is feeling so strongly towards Sookie. If he hasn’t fallen in love with her now, he is very close to it!

  5. theagnosticswife says:

    I have wondered the very same thing since the episode in Alicides apartment. I noticed the tissues too and thought how would he know those where there.

    Good post and I want them to take it slow and easy too even if I can’t stand it at times.

  6. I just got around to reading this but I really enjoyed it.

  7. allieonthemoon says:

    Wow! You definitely have a point! I admit I had never thought about this, even though I had found it strange that there were tissues on the bed in Eric’s daydream, I thought it could be one of Alan Ball’s trick to deceive Eric/Sookie fans about the reality of the dream, only to crash it a moment later. Anyway now I think your argument is way more convincing.
    Also, have you noticed that, in the dreams, they are always BOTH shown with the same clothes they actually wear when they wake up? How could one know what the other is wearing if they’re not sharing their dreams??
    Anyway, why are they sharing dreams? Do you believe it to be somehow connected with the blood bond? Yet, it can’t be only the blood bond, because Sookie has never shared dreams with Bill. If I remember well, Sookie/Bill dreams always happen during the night, when he is probably awake and they’re also very childish and naif so they’re probably just a representation of Sookie’s desires.

    P.S. First time here, cool blog btw. Oh and sorry for the long comment 😛
    I really hope they bring this up in the next season!

    • vikingvixens says:

      I think that they are connected at a deeper level, emotionally. Which, is enhanced by the blood.

      No problem about the long comment – I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

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