Saving Sookie?

This morning I was wondering, when has Bill saved Sookie?   I mean, actually SAVED her, not just feeding her his blood.

The Rattray’s –  Sookie is beaten to a pulp by Mack and Denise who only stop when DEAN interferes.  Bill shows up, tosses them aside, carries Sookie away and feeds her his blood.  In theory, he saves her life, but she was already beaten and dying.   She would have died if Dean had not interrupted the Rats.

Rene – Was it noble for Bill to run out into the sun to save Sookie? Yes.  Did he save her life? NO.  Again, Dean shows up, distracts Rene long enough for Sookie kill  him herself .  What is Bill doing?   Laying there like a burnt marshmallow.

The Maenad Attack – After Bill treats Sookie like a child, she runs off into the secluded woods alone (Bill does not follow after her).     The Maenad attacks, Bill finally checks on her (after feeling her fear) and finds a wounded and dying Sookie.   Bill tries to feed her to no avail so he takes her to Fangtasia where Eric calls and pays for Dr. Ludwig to save Sookie.   THEN he gives her his blood (again) – after thanking Eric for saving her.


Godric saves Sookie from Gabe

Eric offers his life in exchange for Godric and Sookie.

Jason shoots Steve Newlin with a paint ball to release Sookie from the hands of the Soldiers of the Sun.

Godric saves Sookie from Lorena’s attack.

Eric blocks the bomb blast and takes two bullets.  Again, Bill thanks ERIC for saving her.

Maryann – Bill bites her in the neck AFTER Sookie does her glow-hands.  Sookie has to rescue Bill by dragging his pukey ass out to the car.

Sam sacrifices himself by being stabbed in the heart (to save the town).   Oh and he has to have some of Bill’s magic-blood.

The only times where Bill actually SAVES Sookie:

At the airport when the FOTS limo driver tries to kidnap her.

When Longshadow attacks.

To stop Lorena from draining Sookie.

Giving her his blood after he DRAINED her.

-VikingVixens D & T

Screen caps from:



Sookieverse Blog

and my own personal collection.

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7 Responses to Saving Sookie?

  1. Beth says:

    Love it VV D&T! “He was willing to die for her.” Yes and Sam, Alcide & Eric have all put their lives at risk for Sookie too.

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  3. sunnynala says:

    Rene – Was it noble for Bill to run out into the sun to save Sookie? Yes. Did he save her life? NO. Again, Dean shows up, distracts Rene long enough for Sookie kill him herself . What is Bill doing? Laying there like a burnt marshmallow

    Well now, if he knew about the daywalking back then that ‘save’ isn’t so noble, now is it? He MUST have known. When Sookie was dreaming of being choked the night before Gran’s funeral he couldn’t even leave his hidey hole before the sun went down. Suddenly just a few days later, after sexing her up and drinking her blood, he can not only leave his hole at high noon he can walk yards and yards from his house to the graveyard.

  4. Deja says:

    YES!!! The #1 pro-Bill statement, “He saved her life!” — Exactly, Bill is NOT the only person to put his life on the line for Sookie. Nicely put.

  5. sineous says:

    Hey, I love your theories and how you put all the ‘evidence’ together… Could you investigate into when Eric saved Sookies life so far – or were the abovementioned all the occasions? Or, we know why Bill came into Sookie’s life now after the season finale. When and why does Eric take interest in her?

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