The Blood can Lie

Let’s go back for a moment,  to Season 2 when Beehl, Sookie and Eric are in Dallas.    Sookie becomes Eric’s little bullet sucker, Eric is a “big lying a-hole” and Beehl is well…brooding.

“He was determined to form this bond with you.”

Isnt that ironic?  Especially given what was revealed in the Season 3 finale; when Sookie FINALLY finds out that it was in fact BEEHL, who was determined to form a bond with her.

If we go back to the pilot episode, when Sookie “saves” Beehl from being drained by the Rattrays.  We see that Beehl offers Sookie some of his drained blood; enticing her with good health and an enhanced libido.

When she wouldn’t, Beehl results to more desperate measures.

Standing by and letting her get beaten almost to death the very next night.  All for the sake of feeding her his blood and creating the bond, he so desperately wants.

Fast forward to Season 3 –

Beehl wants Eric, Pam, RE and QSA gone, NOT because they know Sookie’s secret (like he tells Sookie), but because they know Beehl’s secret.    Sookie finding out would be bad berries for our little thespian, the mendacious Mr. Compton.

And guess what, there is another reason why Beehl wants Eric gone.   Because Sookie has feelings for Eric – REAL feelings.

“It’s not just the blood.”

Similarly, Eric has real feelings for Sookie, which he had BEFORE he ever had her blood.

The bond they formed in Dallas is based on intimacy through a shared experience – Godric.

“What I saw was real” and what she felt was real too.

Even as little as the feelings between Sookie and Eric may be right now, they are REAL and genuine.   Sookie’s feelings for Beehl are blood induced, not genuine.

Beehl knows it, Eric knows it, WE know and now Sookie does too.

As Lafayette said, “The blood can lie.”

Viking Vixens D & T

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7 Responses to The Blood can Lie

  1. Deja says:

    BRAVO!!! The gospel we’ve been preaching since forever has finally been ‘cemented’ by TB!! I’m sorry Bill, but “I did it to protect you and save your life.” and “I love you.” does not a loyal and trustworthy relationship make.

  2. beadrbop says:

    Thank you so much for making these very valid points and showing all the evidence that so many fans have been trying to say (even when it seemed NO ONE WOULD LISTEN). The part about it being “not just the blood” is huge! What Sookie and Eric went through on the roof top did have a big impact on both of them. All the naysayers with the “ooh it was all the blood he tricked her into sucking the bullet yada yada blech” should just look at the evidence. ACK but yet still some write posts on “how will Beehl redeem himself?” Again thank you for writing this!!

    • vikingvixens says:

      Isn’t it interesting how many people do not look at every aspect of the show and how even the smallest detail, affect the plot overall? I freaking LOVE it!!!

      Thanks for reading, beadrbop! 🙂

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  4. tbrantsandraves says:

    Good job of laying it out so eloquently.

    I’m so over the “I’m doing it to protect you” line. Trying to off Eric wasn’t just about protecting his secret but about getting rid of his romantic competition.

    I found the scene in which Russell and Eric feed from Sookie EXTREMELY telling. When Russell, the vampire who means to do her actual harm, bites into her does this elicit an angry dropping of fang from Bill? NOPE.

    When Eric does it, the vampire who is planning to kill Russell and also sacrifice himself, THIS does bring about Bill “Angry Fang” face.

    Going back to S2, I thought Bill’s first reaction when he saw Sookie sucking the bullets from Eric’s chest was really telling. He had a look almost of defeat. I’m sure Bill was thinking about the way Sookie first drank from him and contrasted this with Eric. Eric took the bullets for Sookie whereas Bill let Sookie take the bullets.

    “I’m just doing it to protect you” my ass!!!

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