I smell a RATTRAY

All along, the writers have been dropping proverbial cookie crumbs in each season and in each episode.  These cookie crumbs serve two purposes. One, it is the writers trying to get the audience to notice and think about the information that will more than likely serve as a major part of the main story line.   Two, it serves as a refresher of something that happened in the past. Often times this is done through the “previously on” segment, but sometimes they do something subliminally in the show.

First off, it is important to note the fact that Sam witnessed the Rattray attack and subsequent Bill’s blood donation that occurred outside of Merlottes.   This fact will play a HUGE part later on in the blog, so keep this part in your mind.

Secondly, a big fat flag that the writers waved to the audience this season, that subliminally reminds the audience of the Rattray attack is the Hoyt, Jessica and Tommy scene in the Merlottes parking lot.   This scene in “I Smell a Rat” was deliberately reminiscent of the Rattray’s attack (a vampire giving a human their blood for the very first time, while a shifter looks on). The purpose of having this scene was not just to re-establish the Hoyt/Jessica relationship, but to also have the audience recall that initial scene.    SVB did a great post about this very subject.   Read it HERE.

Continuing on, I ask this question (one that has been posed many times on the True Blood Facebook discussion board:

How did Eric know about the Ratt incident?

I would be remiss if I did not initially state that Eric is a smart and resourceful vampire.  I mean, he didn’t become the Sheriff of Area 5 because he was pretty.

Eric’s first indication that Bill was a lying sack of shit courting Sookie under false pretenses was way back in season 1 (episode 9) shortly after Bill stakes Longshadow.

Bill:  Sookie must be protected.

Eric:  Now that sounds like an edict, but it couldn’t be because I would know about it.

Bill: *avoidance face*

This  conversation definitely peaked Eric’s interest and pretty much screwed Bill’s chances of keeping this hidden.   The Viking is on your ass now, Billy boy!

Fast forward to Season 2 episode 11.

Sam goes to see Eric at Fangtasia. If you watch that scene again, you can pick up that they are not meeting for the first time and are not strangers to one another.   Before Sam heads to Fangtasia, Coby asks him if he knows any vampires, the expression on Sam’s face suggests to me that he knows EXACTLY who Eric is.

At Fangtasia:

Eric – Why should I help you, shifter?

Sam – Because, I need your help. We need it.  And hopefully, some day, I might be able to give you something you need.

Eric – Could you get me Sookie Stackhouse?

Sam –No?

Eric – That’s a shame, that would be a tribute I would not soon forget.

Sam – I’m not here to give you tribute, Eric.

Eric – No, you’re here to request my help, based on a hypothetical future in which you return the favor.   *pause*   But you are known to not be friendly  to those like me. Why should I trust you?

Sam – Because.  Until somebody starts trusting somebody, we’re all single targets. Just ripe for the picking.

Later on after the Teacup humans interaction

Sam – You have my cell phone number.

Eric – I’ll let you know if I learn anything of use to you.

Based on expressions and interactions between the two of them, it is our opinion that Sam and Eric have a previously established acquaintance relationship.

They know whom and what each other are, and have more than likely worked together in the past.    Case and point – how does Eric already have Sam’s cell phone number?   Furthermore, how does Eric know that Sam is not friendly to vampires or other supes?

Later on at the Queen’s mansion –

Eric – Has she [Sookie], mentioned me?

Bill – You know, that was really quite desperate of you, tricking her into, drinking your blood, so she became attracted to you.

Eric – Unlike you who fed her, your own blood, the very night you met.

Bill – How do you know that?

Eric – *raises eyebrows* So you’re not denying it.

Bill – I was saving her life.

Eric – Isn’t that convenient.

How did Eric know about the blood?

I’d say that Eric called in his favor pretty damn quick.   The only other person who knows what happened outside with Bill and Sookie, is SAM.   Sam witnessed the ENTIRE event and provides that information to Eric.   It is brilliant, really.

So as of season 2 episode 11, Eric knows that there is definitely a shady reason why Bill is courting Sookie and that Bill fed Sookie his blood after she was attacked by the Ratts. Eric takes this information and adds it to the information he obtains from none other than Sookie’s cousin, Hadley Hale.

In our opinion, Hadley tells Eric that…

Sookie is a fairy.

Fae blood allows day walking.

The queen wants a true Fae and sends Bill to procure Sookie (much like he procures Hadley).

DING DING DING – BINGO – YAHTZEE!!   Eric has now put it all together and is ready to spill Bill’s clusterfucked beans.

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4 Responses to I smell a RATTRAY

  1. VVD says:

    It’s no coincidence that the Jessica/Hoyt/Tommy episode was titled
    “I Smell A Rat” and Sookie’s attackers were the “RATtrays.” 😉

    AB, I love you so much right now. Don’t fuck me over in season 4 mmmk?

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  3. Freyja says:

    I think you are probably right vikingvixen! But there was also something that AB said in the commentary on season 2 dvd, that the queen had told Eric about the blood exchange off screen. But when was that suppose to have happened? In some official visit before the mainad attack? The conversation between the queen and Eric about Sookie and Bill sounded like the first time they spoke about them.

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