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First off, let me start by saying how sorry we both are for being MIA the past year.    Now that True Blood is back on, we’ll try to be more attentive. And if I don’t, hunt me down…I give you … Continue reading

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Lyrics Smerics part deux

Season 4 Episode 2, interestingly called “You Smell Like Dinner” takes place in Fangtasia and features a flashback to a bar in 1980’s London.     We have more protestors, a weird metal shack and a[nother] pie shop.      Are you scratching your … Continue reading

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Lyrics smerics

Sorry we’ve been MIA for 3 months.   We have been incredibly busy with RL obligations which are finally settling down.   We hope to be more regular in our postings from now on.   *crosses fingers*

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I smell a RATTRAY

All along, the writers have been dropping proverbial cookie crumbs in each season and in each episode.  These cookie crumbs serve two purposes. One, it is the writers trying to get the audience to notice and think about the information … Continue reading

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The Blood can Lie

Let’s go back for a moment,  to Season 2 when Beehl, Sookie and Eric are in Dallas.    Sookie becomes Eric’s little bullet sucker, Eric is a “big lying a-hole” and Beehl is well…brooding.

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Saving Sookie?

This morning I was wondering, when has Bill saved Sookie?   I mean, actually SAVED her, not just feeding her his blood.

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Shared dreams

I’d like to entertain possibility that Sookie and Eric having shared dreams (and by shared dreams I mean they are both unknowingly having the same dream).   It wasn’t until this past episode (Ep 10: “I Smell a Rat”) that … Continue reading

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